get_loop.php Usage information

Written by Dr. Chris Herbster

Designed for use on the web server.

Minimum URL structure

where the path is to an image directory on our web surver
See the filelist option below.

Other options to use are:

where 'number' is the desired image count to display, the list is displayed from the bottom up by default.
ex &cnt=4  will load four images from the bottom of the directory list.
Default: cnt=4

where 'username' is the user's login name, all paths are under ~username/public_html/...
Note:  Current configuration requires that you have your account configured by the system administrator prior to using this option.
pixels is a number to use for the image window height and the animator controls.  Add about 50 to your image height for a first guess.
Default: height=650
pixels is a number to use for the image window with the animator controls.  Add about 20-50 to your image width to give a border.
Default: width=850
seconds is the number of seconds to wait before an automatic reload. 
Use 0 to disable
Default: refresh=300 (5 minutes) and values up to 10 are assumed to be minutes (i.e. refresh * 60 seconds)
pattern is a string (actually a "regular expression") to use to filter the list of images for animation.
Default: match all files in directory
To get just 00z, 06z, 12z and 18z MSL pressure analyses for the past 48 hours, you could use:|0600|1200|1800
filename is a file with a list of images to use for the animation. Use the home option to reference a file in your own directories.
An example of this might be the following:

The contents of the example filelist ("o3_test.txt") text file are:


Here are some links to loops of real-time data plots.