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Meteorology Computing Topics and Applications

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AWIPS II is a meteorological display and analysis software package developed for the National Weather Service by Raytheon, and redistributed by Unidata to support non-operational use in research and education by UCAR member institutions.

Getting AWIPS II

The AWIPS CAVE client for student and faculty use can be downloaded from Unidata’s website: http://unidata.github.io/awips2/install/install-cave/

Miniconda Python for AWIPS II

The CAVE Windows client requires additional Python utilities for full functionality. Follow these instructions to download our Python build and configure CAVE to use it.

  1. Download the zip file: CAVE-Miniconda3.zip
  2. Inside the zip file is a folder called CAVE-Miniconda3. Extract this folder in to C:\ProgramData.
  3. Locate the file C:\ProgramData\Cave-Miniconda3\erau_cave.bat. Create a shortcut to this batch file, and put the shortcut somewhere convenient to you.
  4. Run the shortcut, or the batch file directly, to launch CAVE with Miniconda 3. Use CAVE as you normally would.


Using AWIPS PowerPoint

If you are using AWIPS on campus you can use either the ERAU or Unidata EDEX data servers.

If you are using AWIPS off campus you will only be able to use the Unidata EDEX server.