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Meteorology Computing Topics and Applications

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Remote Access Using wxsession.db.erau.edu

Do you want to run ERAU Linux applications from home, or anywhere else with an Internet connection?

Using a Secure Shell Client (like MobaXTerm), students, faculty, and staff, can connect to wxsession.db.erau.edu and run applications like Python, IDV, McIDAS-V, MPI, and GEMPAK.

wxsession uses ERNIE usernames and passwords. To create an ERAU Linux account, follow these instructions.

Using MobaXTerm and SSH

Download Dr. Halperin's Linux Commands Cheat Sheet.

A Note for Mac Users

Mac users will need to install XQuartz to run grahpical applications remotely through Mac OS's built in terminal.

  1. Go to https://www.xquartz.org and download the XQuartz dmg.
  2. If prompted to allow downloads, click Allow.
  3. Go to Downloads and open the dmg file.
  4. Open the XQuartz.pkg file inside the dmg file.
  5. When the installer opens...
    1. Press Continue to start the installation.
    2. Press Continue to skip the Read Me.
    3. Press Continue to skip the License Agreement.
    4. Press Agree to agree to the License Agreement we didn’t bother reading.
    5. Press Install to start the installation more.
    6. If prompted to allow the Installer access control to System Events, press OK.
    7. You will need to log out and back in before XQuartz will work. You may or may not get a notification telling you... This can wait until you’re done using your computer, you do not need to log out immediately.
    8. The installation is now complete, and you may close the installer by pressing Close.
    9. If prompted to move the XQuartz Installer to the Trash, that’s your call. You may have to allow the installer access to your Downloads folder for this to work.