ERAU - USPLN Annual Data Request

Registration is required to request access to the USPLN data feed.  This free data feed is made available to the educational and research communities on an annually renewed basis.  Please read the ERAU-WSI--USPLN Data Access Policy associated with getting this proprietary data set.  There are a number of restrictions that you must agree to before you accept this data feed.

By registering you will be able to receive the data from both primary and backup servers using the LDM software that is freely available from Unidata (  The decoders that are provided by Unidata for GEMPAK and McIDAS software packages have been updated by Unidata to support this data format.  Details for configuring your LDM configuration will be sent after registration is complete and the LDM servers have been configured to allow your system.

If you are not a full-time faculty or staff member at your institution, you may not register for this data feed.
Please ask a faculty or staff member from your institution to complete this registration form to obtain access to this feed.
Please see the data access policy for more information.

First name*: 
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Institution Name*: 
Department, Division or Program*: 

System Support and server details

System Support Contact Full Name*: 
System Support Person or IT E-mail*: 
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Primary LDM server name or IP*: 
Secondary/Backup LDM server name or IP: 


* Data will be used for education applications.

* It is understood that any research applications for this data set are to be reviewed for technical or proprietary information needs.  All manuscripts are to be reviewed by an ERAU/USPLN representative to insure accuracy of statements regarding the data, network and any related specifics.

* Please check to verify you have read the ERAU-WSI-USPLN Data Access Policy

* indicates required field

 ERAU - Daytona Beach Applied Meteorology Program

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