Meteorology/Course Page--Dr. Brad Muller, ERAU


ERAU Meteorology

ERAU Wx Satellite Imagery

 Current GOES Wx Satellite Imagery--NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

NOAA GOES Image Viewer

NOAA GOES-East Conus Image Viewer

NOAA GOES-West Conus Image Viewer



 Geostationary Image Browser--University of Wisconsin Space Sciences and Engineering Center (UW SSEC)

GOES-16/17 Loop of the Day - CIRA

GOES Satellite/Radar Imagery--College of Dupage

 Current Wx Radar--NWS NEXRAD Network


NEXRAD Imagery--College of Dupage

 Earth--a visualization (by Cameron Beccario) of global weather conditions forecast by the U.S. National Weather Service Global Forecast System (GFS) model updated every three hours.  .

 Station Locator

 Space Weather Dashboard--SWPC

 Hurricane Brief

 ERAU Wx Data Servers

  Upper Air Soundings (College of Dupage)--Click on Upper Air Soundings dropdown menu on left.

  Distinguished Mullers in Aviation --My family claim to aviation credibility...

  NWS Home Page/Current Watches, Warnings, Statements and Advisories

  NWS Melbourne, Florida --Current local wx, graphical forecasts, climate data, local applied research.

  FAWN Temperatures --Florida Automated Weather Network.

  Current North American Surface Analyses Page

  NWS Unified Surface Analysis --covers the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans; click to zoom in.

 Surface Data--NCAR Research Applications Program

 NWP Forecast Model Page--National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)

 NWS National Hurricane Center

 Weather Underground

 NWS Aviation Weather Center (AWC)

 ADDS (Aviation Digital Data Service)

  NWS Storm Prediction Center

 U. S. Landform Maps

  A Change in the Wind--Writer Kit Stolz on Global Warming and Environmental Issues.

National Weather Service (NWS) Sites:
 NWS Home Page/Current Watches, Warnings, Statements and Advisories  -- Links to wx info and NWS offices around the country.
 Clickable Map of NWS Offices in U.S. --Find your local Weather Service office.
 NWS National Interactve Graphical Forecast Products
 NWS Aviation Weather Center
 AWC Aviation Digital Data Service
 NWS National Hurricane Center --Hurricane track forecasts, public advisories, discussions, and climatological info.
 NWS Storm Prediction Center --Severe wx forecasts, assessment products, discussions, data--everything you need for the chase!
 Current North American Surface Analyses Page --NWS Hydrometeorological Prediction Center
 NWS Fax Maps -- Current NWS wx maps.
 Sfc & Upper Air Maps from Storm Prediction Center click on "Upper Air Maps" then scroll down for archive back to 1998!

Satellite links:
 ERAU Wx Satellite Imagery--GOES and international imagery page of ERAU Wx faculty Dr. Fred Mosher.
NOAA Current GOES -- GOES and international geostationary imagery.
NASA/MSFC Current GOES -- GOES-East with looping and high resolution (1 km) Vis.
 SSEC Geostationary Satellite Images --GOES and international satellites from Univ. Wisc. Space Science Engineering Center.
 Naval Research Lab (NRL) Current Imagery -- GOES and MeteoSat--includes wx map overlay capability.
NWS Western Region Headquarters Current Imagery -- GOES-West with high resolution Vis.
 CIRA RAMMS Advanced Met. Sat. Demo & Interp. System -- Colorado State University
NCAR Research Applications Program (RAP) Current Imagery -- GOES-East with aviation wx products and looping.
 Satellite Image/Wx Map Composites--San Francisco State Univ. Meteorology
 South America GOES Images--Servicio Meteorol√≥gico Nacional, Argentina
 European Meteosat Imagery Images from the EUMETSAT--European Organization for the Exploitation of  Meteorlogical Satellites
GOES Imager Tutorial --Description and fantastic examples of GOES imager products.
GOES Gallery (Univ. Wisc) -- Phenomenal GOES images and loops of severe wx, gravity waves etc.!!
NASA Goddard GOES Imagery --More interesting GOES imagery.
Image Enhancement Tutorial
 GOES Operational Info and Status --NOAA Office of Satellite Operations
 J-Track3D --NASA's interactive satellite visualization site.
 Polar Orbiting Weather Satellite Imagery
 MODIS Rapid Repsonse System -- Provides high resolution polar-orbiting geographical imagery for fire and other applications.
 GOES Satellite-Derived Sounding Page

Forecast Model Output:
 Penn State Dept. of Meteorology--Experimental Tropical Cyclone Model Fcst Page
Unisys Wx Page -- NWS and European Center forecast model output.
Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (Univ. Maryland)  -- NWS global model output--click on "Weather Forecasts" then on a region of the world.
 NCAR Research Applications Program (RAP) Model Page -- defaults to the RUC (Rapid Update Cycle) designed for short term aviation forecasting.
NCAR--RAP Eta Model Page -- The Eta forecast model output page of the NCAR Research Applications Program.
NCAR--RAP GFS Model Page -- The GFS forecast model output page of the NCAR Research Applications Program.
NOAA Forecast Systems Lab (FSL) RUC (Rapid Update Cycle) Model -- 0 to 12 hr short term high resolution
 aviation wx forecasts for N. America.
 NOAA Model Output Statistics (MOS) Page --useful for creating point forecast for individual locations.
 Interactive Model Soundings --NOAA Forecast Systems Lab Interactive Skew-T of Model Soundings
 San Francisco Bay Area Wind Flow -- Animation of modeled current wind flow over my home town!

Weather Radar:
  U.S. Radar Reflectivity Summary--National Weather Service Click on any U.S. location. Links to "RIDGE" radar.
  U.S. Radar Reflectivity Summary Lite--National Weather Service Click on any U.S. location.
  U.S. Doppler Radar (NEXRAD) Locations--National Weather Service --Click on any U.S. Doppler location.
  Florida Base Reflectivity--National Weather Service --Looping capability, composite reflectivity, base and storm-relative velocity.
  NWS  U.S./Alaska/Hawaii/Guam/Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Reflectivity Mosaics--Image or loops
  Doppler Weather RADAR Tutorial--Basics of weather radar by the NWS "Jetstream" Online School for Weather.

Wx Observations and Tools for Interpreting Them
Surface Observations (Univ. Wyoming)
Upper Air Soundings (Univ. Wyoming)
 Upper Air Soundings (College of Dupage) --Click on Upper Air Soundings dropdown menu on left.
  TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast--National Weather Service) --type in a station identifier.
Surface Wx/Station ID Plots --regional plots of current sfc. obs. that includes the three letter station identifiers.
Station Identifier Lookup -- type in a station identifier to find out station info.
 Station Identifier Codes --sfc, upper air, Nexrad etc.
 Key to the METAR
 TAF Decoder
 Sample Station Plot and Explanation of Symbols
 Present Weather Symbols
 Present Weather Symbols with Coded METAR Designations
 Surface Analysis Chart Explanation (Chapt. 5 of AC 00-45E) --note: you must have a pdf file reader like Adobe Acrobat to view this page.
 Surface Fronts--Symbols and Codes
 Weather Depiction Chart Explanation (Chapt. 6 of AC 00-45E --note: you must have a pdf file reader like Adobe Acrobat to view this page.
 Upper Air Constant Pressure Maps Explanation (Chapt. 8 of AC 00-45E) --note: you must have a pdf file reader like Adobe Acrobat to view this page.
 Upper Air Codes--Explanation --by Dr. Paul Ruscher, Dept. of Meteorology, Florida State University
 National Data Buoy Center --Oceanic surface observations from NOAA.
 International Weather Reports --from the National Weather Service.

Aviation Wx:
 Aviation Weather (AC 00-6A) --FAA/NWS publication for pilots and flight operations personnel. Free! (Note: it's faster to walk over to the bookstore!)
 Aviation Weather Services (AC 00-45E) --Explains how to read the numerous U.S. Govt. aviation wx charts. Free!
 Aviation Weather Center --access to numerous NWS aviation wx products.
Aviation Digital Data Service--access to numerous NWS aviation wx products.
 Dispatcher's Weather Briefing"  -- Dispatcher-oriented assemblage of aviation wx links.
 Airport Delay Status

 National Hurricane Center/Tropical Prediction Center
 Univ. Wisc.--Madison Tropical Cyclone Page
 Weather Underground Tropical Page --Click on "Computer Models" for forecast tracks.
 Sea Surface Temperature and Heat Content --Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML)
  Sea Surface Temperature (SST) --National Hurricane Center
Regional/Global SST --Rutgers University
 Quickscat Storm Page --Polar orbiting satellite-derived winds in storm areas.
 Quickscat Current Data Page --Polar orbiting satellite-derived winds.

El Nino/La Nina
 Center for Ocean-Atmosphere Prediction Studies (COAPS--Florida State Univ.)
 El Nino Theme Page -- NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Lab (PMEL)

 EPA's Stratospheric Ozone Depletion Page
 NOAA Climate Prediction Center -- Hurricane outlooks, seasonal forecasts, ozone depletion and more.
 National Climatic Data Center Global Warming Page

Ocean Wave Height Forecasts
 U.S. Navy Wave Height Forecasts
 NOAA Wavewatch--Pick a region of the world: up to 180 hour forecasts and animations.